14 to 18 years old | In remission | Undergoing Treatment*

49 – Getaway Expedition Fall 2017 – Voyageur canoe on the Poisson Blanc Reservoir, QC

This adventure will allow ten young people presently undergoing cancer treatment or with limitations caused by cancer to live an outstanding experience in nature, in a context adapted to their needs.


September 21 to 24, 2017




Reservoir Poisson Blanc

Age group

14-18 years

Number of participants



Aidan P. Aidan P.
Anna Joy R. Anna Joy R.
Félix G. Félix G.
Mégane T. Mégane T.
Simon B. Simon B.
Tristan G. Tristan G.
Tamara A. Tamara A.
Anthony C. Anthony C.
Quach Van Long D. Quach Van Long D.


Marie-Michelle Paradis
Marie-Camille Provencher


''Back home! What an adventure. I wish I could explain how therapeutic the canoeing expedition really was, but words fall short. It was wonderful to meet so many new people who were gracious enough to share their time with me, and showed me that young adults with cancer are not their diagnosis, something I struggle with often. I didn't see cancer, but instead vibrant personalities, humour, kindness and honesty in every participant and supporter during the trip. I feel like I've made significant connections to people I never would have met otherwise, and can't emphasize the healing that was done over a short 4 days. Thank you so much to On The Tip of The Toes Foundation for including me on this trip." Morgan M., participant, fall 2016
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So they did it.

-Mark Twain