14 to 18 years old | In remission

56 – Grand Expedition Summer 2019 – Voyageur Canoe on the Manicouagan Reservoir, QC

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This expedition will offer 14 teenagers in remission of a cancer the opportunity to live the Great Adventure of canoeing in one of the most remote area of Quebec and to paddle with new friends in amazing landscapes.


The first day, we will meet in Québec City where we will have a first night at the hotel to be ready to leave early the next morning. The trip between Québec City and Uapishka Station, which will be our base camp, will take up a good part of the day. Once on site, we will settle for 2 nights in a traditional Innu camp on the shores of the Manicouagan Reservoir, and take some time to prepare our expedition. The next day, we will take the time to learn canoeing techniques and get acquainted with our canoes, large Voyager canoes, which can take about a dozen paddlers.   It will also be the time to prepare the entire necessary luggage for this great expedition. A team of logisticians will escort us by motorboat to carry the luggage and ensure safety.

On the morning of departure, we will finalize the luggage and leave finally to navigate on what is called “the eye of Quebec”. There is about 100 km between Uapishka station and the Manic 5 Dam, our final destination. We will have 8 days to paddle the distance between the two points and enjoy the beauty of its wild landscapes. After a few days, we will have taken the rhythm of nature and of the group. Every day when we wake up, we will have lunch by the fire and then dismantle the camp before packing everything in our boats and leave again to discover new places. With a little luck, we will surely have the chance to see small mammals and many birds specific to this region. It is therefore all together that we will live to the rhythm of nomads by moving on the water one stroke of the paddle at a time. In the evening, we will set up camp and prepare dinner. After a good day of paddling, we will relax by the campfire and certainly grill some marshmallows while telling stories.

Members of the expedition

Seasoned “On the Tip of the Toes” facilitators ensure the smooth functioning of the expedition along with experienced adventure guides who are thoroughly familiar with the territory to be explored. We will also be accompanied by a professional medical team – comprised of a physician, a nurse and a social worker – that oversees the health of all participants in the expedition.  We will also have a blogger who will take photos during the entire trip and write a daily blog.

Therapeutic adventure facilitators

Catherine Provost Catherine Provost
Marie-Michelle Paradis Marie-Michelle Paradis

Geography and History

The Manicouagan Reservoir is a meteoric crater flooded by the construction of Daniel-Johnson Dam on the Manicouagan River in 1960. The crater was formed by a meteorite about five kilometres in diameter that would have fallen on the Earth 214 million years ago. It ranks among the world’s five largest earth-impact craters.   Located in the Côte-Nord administrative region of Quebec, the Reservoir, with an area of 2,000 km2 and an average depth of 73 metres, is one of the largest reservoirs in the world in volume and depth.

At the centre of this reservoir, the René-Levasseur artificial island was created during the filling. This island is topped by Mount Babel, a mountain with an altitude of 952 metres. Fed by four rivers, the Manicouagan Reservoir flows south through the Manicouagan River and empties into the St. Lawrence River, near Baie-Comeau. It feeds the Manic-5 and Manic-5-PA hydropower plants that we will have the chance to visit at the end of the expedition.

Transport to Québec city

Transport offered and organized by On the Tip of the Toes

Bus ride

Bus ride to Station Uapishka, on the shore of Manicouagan Reservoir. Night in Innu camp.


Preparation of the Equipment, canoe lessons, cultural activities


Start of the voyageur canoe expedition on the Manicouagan reservoir. From station Uapishka to the Daniel-Johnson Dam, we will paddle about 15km/day. Camping every night on a different site.

Return home

Bus ride to Quebec city and then travel back home