19 to 29 years old | In remission

55 – Grand Expedition Winter 2019 – Snowshoeing in Gaspésie, QC

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This expedition will offer 14 young adults in remission of a cancer the chance to live a unique snowshoeing expedition with other participants the same age and living similar reality.


Our departure will take place in Quebec City. We’ll hit the road all together for a complete day of driving to get to Gaspésie National Park. We’ll settle for three nights in the Mont Albert cabins. As we get to know each other, we’ll slowly discover this stunning mountainous area, snowshoes on. Then, we’ll pack everything again and move to the Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve. We’ll walk our equipment up and establish a prospector tents basecamp which will be our home for the next three days. We’ll continue our exploration of the area, much appreciated by backcountry skiers. Our trip will end with a celebration night in a cozy hostel nearby St-Lawrence River.

Members of the expedition

We will be accompanied by a professional medical team – comprised of a physician, a nurse and a social worker – that oversees the health of all participants in the expedition. Seasoned “On the Tip of the Toes” facilitators ensure the smooth functioning of the expedition along with experienced adventure guides who are thoroughly familiar with the territory to be explored. We will also have a blogger who will take photos during the entire trip and write a daily blog.

Therapeutic adventure facilitators

Catherine Provost Catherine Provost
Marie-Michelle Paradis Marie-Michelle Paradis

Geography and History

The Gaspésie National Park is located in the eastern part of the province of Québec, at the hearth of the gaspesian peninsula. It is dominated by two important mountain massifs: the Chic-Chocs and the McGerrigle. More than 25 summits over 1 000 m shape the landscape. The territory is occupied by numerous animal species, such as the woodland caribou, and presents an impressive variation of plants and trees in its different ecosystems.

In the middle of the 19th century, its summits started to attract scientists from all azimuths. In 1844, Sir William E. Logan, geologist, has been the first to climb the summit of the mountain named after him. Since then, many searchers pursued the exploration and enriched our knowledge of the region’s natural history. Their work enlightened its tremendous ecological value and lead to the creation of the park in 1937.

A sea of mountains with an incomparable natural wealth, here’s what awaits us!


Transport by bus from Quebec City to the Gaspésie National Park. Games and welcome night. Lodging in Mont Albert cabins.


Equipment preparation. Short snowshoeing hikes. Extra activities. Lodging in Mont Albert cabins.

Camp settlement

Snowshoeing hike towards our basecamp. Camp settlement. Lodging in prospector tents.


Snowshoeing hikes towards summits. 3 to 6 hours snowshoeing everyday. Participation to camp chores. Lodging in prospector tents.


Last snowshoeing day. Celebration dinner. Lodging in a hostel.


Transport by bus from the Gaspésie National Park to Quebec City.