André Martel to conquer the lake for a second year

Last February, André Martel joined the Double Mario Challenge with colleagues and Rio Tinto employees. Like many others, he was going to have his first winter camping experience on the ice of Lac Saint-Jean.

It’s a unique experience that one wouldn’t necessarily think of having the opportunity to do. It’s an incredible personal challenge and an unforgettable time that ordinary people will never experience. Spending three days on the ice of the lake is indescribable until you’ve experienced it.

When we developed a partnership with Rio Tinto, it was clear that they wanted to go beyond their financial commitment. That is why, this year, they have chosen to organize a crossing of the lake exclusive to Rio Tinto. In addition to taking concrete action to improve some of these young people’s lives, this experience is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the links between their different teams and facilities.

We do this for young people who are preparing for adult life, but who have not had the opportunity to experience normal youth, because they have had to or are experiencing a serious illness. We hope that our efforts can be reflected in their recovery.

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