Objectives of the Foundation

Our mission

To help young people living with cancer regain their well-being by facing the challenge of an exceptional therapeutic adventure expedition. Supervised by medical and outdoor experts, these expeditions aim to change the image of cancer for the participants and the general public alike.

Our goal

To provide young people living with cancer the opportunity to leave the hospital and to take a break from civilization and their usual environment. We create a situation which aims to rebuild self-esteem and restore hope in life through the challenge and self-transcendence that these therapeutic expeditions allow.

Our objectives

Allowing our participants to:

  • Have fun
  • Share their experience living with illness
  • Become aware of their strengths
  • Develop their sense of autonomy and responsibility
  • Surpass their physical and psychological limitations
  • Live an experience based on social inclusion

Our approach

Since 1996, the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation has organized therapeutic adventure expeditions for young people living with cancer. These adventures are much more than just wilderness outings; they give participants an opportunity to spend time with other young people who share the same realities, to exchange ideas, and to be understood without needing to explain themselves. We aim to help them regain self-esteem and recover hope in life by enabling them to surpass themselves during these expeditions. Further, by facing challenges together, they can create close bonds of friendship, as many young people wish to do at this stage of their lives.

Conventional medical treatments aim to treat the body’s ailments, but therapeutic adventure heals the soul, the heart, and the mind. Our interventions – together with the beauty of the landscapes, the contact with nature, and the pleasure of sharing in the group activities – enable young people living with cancer to change their story, to become aware of their strengths, and to recover their dreams.